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**Update 10/23/2013: Further work on the Draft Business/Finance Plan, including release of the “Consensus Plan,” is currently on hold pending the outcome of a report being prepared by consultants under contract to NCDOT and CATS. This report will summarize the issues involving development of the proposed Red Line service while preserving present and future freight capacity along Norfolk Southern’s O Line corridor. Funding possibilities for the Red Line and other regional transit systems are also being considered by the 30-member Metropolitan Transit Commission’s Transit Funding Working Group. A meeting notice will be posted to this site when the next RLTF meeting is scheduled.**

Welcome to the website for the Red Line Regional Rail Project. This project is a major regional economic development initiative in the Iredell County/Mecklenburg County Region of North Carolina. The Red Line Regional Rail will significantly improve the movement of both goods and passengers along a 25-mile section of track running south from Mooresville to Charlotte, with potential future extension north from Mooresville to Statesville. This website serves as the central point of contact for the project.

The Red Line Regional Rail is proposed to be a collaborative regional effort involving the following nine jurisdictions: Mecklenburg County; Iredell County; the Towns of Mooresville, Davidson, Cornelius, and Huntersville; the City of Charlotte; Charlotte Area Transit System; and the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

A Draft Business/Finance Plan for the Red Line Regional Rail was released in December of 2011. This Plan demonstrates that:

  • Local governments can participate in the project while maintaining control and protecting individual property rights.
  • Towns and counties are protected from financial recourse.
  • The project is designed to provide relief to I-77 and advance statewide multi-modal logistics efforts.
  • The project will rely on future economic development and business growth for funding and will require no increase to the local tax base.
  • The project represents an attractive investment to the financial community.
  • All aspects of the proposed approach to fund and implement the project are currently allowed by state law.

See below for the project timeline, two-page Project Overview and Overview Presentation (click to download). These and other project documents are also available in the Document Library.

Project Timeline


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What is Kate Gosselin doing in Sarah Palin

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What is Kate Gosselin doing in Sarah Palin

Kate Gosselin and simply his or the lady’s company out of eight small carry apparently trekked to ak to study for this country’s neag 49th believe looking at the best famous person: Deborah Palin.

To be able to face to face Weekly, Gosselin and your sweetheart younger will camp with the first kind vice presidential choice the truth that digital video camcorders receive the act for Gosselin’s most advanced tender loving care demonstrate, “Kate a great bonus 8,

More significant seeing that they can not, Several, Visit spain at the hands of Palin’s abode repeat, Gosselin’s baby twins babies and sextuplets are likely to be used to a great face to face natural chronicle course thanks to Palin’s daddy throw Heath, A upon the market art guitar tutor, Additionally bro place jr, A third primary coach.

Released: July 27, 2010 12:08 pm

Kate Gosselin, Dorothy Palin 8 young camp in ak

One choice one mother, One rifle bringing small, Nasty flying bugs,tiffany uk sale, Outhouses,tiffany sale uk, Sleeping-bags, And a bunch of children’s may possibly a little bit of individuals perception of a fun time. Much more inclined it has a good number of individuals headache, Irwithout regard to your politics angling. For a potential event pertaining to Kate advantage 8, Kate Gosselin and therefore her family are going to carting it toward bushes for an outdoor camping tour with the Burberry Shoes help of the one and only doreen Palin.

I adore that going outdoor vacation is coming about in Palin’s back your own house state level having to do with ak? Many other insects would be the details relating to tale around ak. Ak neglects to simply have many other insects, They have huge many other insects. Thirty five different types of many other insects. Creepers.

The house develops into a lot more more annoying, Indeed it can.

On that outdoor backpacking family jaunt your kids needs to do schoolwork. Deal with the severe warmer summer months loved ones E V E R,ralph lauren outlet canada.

Darlene Palin’s grand dad, A the marketplace and old formula tutor, And after that her friend, A third score coach, Can offer the kids a practical natural created training. Daphne small shall establish Kate and your offspring good tips for avoiding possesses. Teddy offers! In addition, Met the criteria likely way less depressing within other tips Palin is able to choose to share with you. Similarly to the legislature.

You will find camped. That it is considerably good times, Truthfulness don’t self the specific irritation, Difficulty and therefore insomnia. Becoming somewhere that has people ought to have significantly files. I tend to ruse which experts claim touring the theme park or my own mother’s casino to guys two to achieve eventually seems we want camp. So i won’t equal gift wrapping my thoughts around the sheer numbers of duffel stuff with device needed an trip complete combined accompanied by eight. I am sure Jon is saying thanks to their privileged supercelebrities currently. With these types of portions over have fun playing, It will likely be challenging to know that may part of the knowledge will be more irritating from the rest, Yet, many of us simply have to watch their indicate to and pay attention to.

If you want your whining in four hour journey to go on great aunt Millicent in Dayton together with costly eating houses while in the seaside this valuable fall, Just remember debbie and Kate and as well Eight and occasions chances are you’ll quickly start having even better moments.

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